Empowering decentralized transactions


A blockchain that differs


Unlike Bitcoin, Ethereum and other POA blockchains, XLON Chain can handle significantly larger amount of transactions per second with very low fees, without compromising security


The block concensus is based on Proof of Authority (POA) to provide full security and trust, while minimizing computing power needs and electricity consumption.


The XLON Chain, due to its POA concensus, drastically reduces the energy consumed from the network of validators. Part of the block rewards will be directed to carbon neutral offset investments, as part of ourcontinued dedication to a zero carbon emission policy


The XLON Chain embraces the powerful Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) as the undelying engine for smart contracts execution for decentralized apps (DApps)

  • ERC-20: The standard API used for fungible tokens, including transfer and balance tracking functionalities.

  • ERC-721: The popular API for non-fungible token (NFT), to represent ownership over digital or physical assets. 

  • and more


XLON Chain oracles will connect our deterministic blockchain with off-chain/ real world data, acting asmiddleware by bridging the two worlds.


As part of our vision on digital currencies adoption, dynamic and transaprent governance is a key feature that will be in the heart of the XLON Chain to apply cryptonomic policies.


Blockchains are designed to offer security, speed and anonymity and this should continue be their main characteristic. Nevertheless, applying regulatory compliance such as KYC and AML policies can be a significant feature for the ones who need them as part of their regulatory compliance requirements (i.e funds, banks, high net worth investors, enterprise customers, public authorities etc).


Our roadmap




Established in 2018, London-based Excelon Financial Services Ltd offers next-generation banking experience that bridges traditional and digital currencies. Excelon provides digital wallet for FIAT and cryptocurrencies with a MasterCard/ Visa, IBAN accounts along with a powerful FIAT/ Crypto exchange and wallet service. Additional services, such as business accounts, crypto Earn Deposits and Credit together with native staking, cryptocash and cryptospend features, add an enormous value to Excelon’s Ecosystem. Finally, the addition of XLON Chain and the XLON coin, acting as a native utility coin for all types of transactions, offer unlimited of opportunities for users who are entering the decentralized finance era.


We are introducing the new banking paradigm. We envisage the day when digital payments will be available to everyone on earth in an easy, secure and cheap manner.

We strive to create technologies that change how people interact with complex systems, such as payments and blockchain.



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